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Can You Hack The Odyssey?

By Bobfish16-05-2013

EVE Online, that alien economy that masquerades as a space flight simulator, is seeing yet another free (as in, won't cost anything above the monthly scrip) expansion. Odyssey, the latest in a long line, brings in a few new things to mix it all up though. Along with the obligatory batch of new skills, which are clearly introduced with each update solely to screw with people who are determined to learn all of them to V, this latest update adds in new ship subsystems. And a brand new hacking 'mimi' game, targeted at said subsystems.

Full details of everything to be implemented can be found in the EVE devblog here. But the short version is that one of those new skills (Hacking) and an existing skill (Archaeology) will, as of June 4th, allow players to open a new window (see above) and pry out the goodies locked away behind the various firewalls. The end result causing the system to open and, physically, eject various odds and ends. Something that appears to be similar to the Salvage procedure already familiar, but with a small game within the game, rather than a simple ship module.

Being tied to Archaeology as well as Hacking suggests the imminent arrival of another feature, which has been hinted at repeatedly already, that of planetary harvesting/farming. Though the last is some idle conjecture I've injected free of charge. Oh CCP, why do you torment me so? I really must fire up my pod and go cruising through nulsec again. Who would like to join me? Comments below.


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Might turn out good.

Shame its just archeology though and not part of random missions, like go there, hack that thing before the bad gajz arrive and get the ...codes!

Been playing on and off since 09, just recently bothered to start sisters of eve.