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Can For Honour Redeem Ubisoft's Reputation?

By elethio17-07-2015

For me one of the highlights of E3 this year was seeing For Honour announced. Not just because it's got samurai and knights and Vikings, bashing it out. But also because it's taking an innovative approach to the controls. Instead of button A doing a fast attack and button B doing a slow attack etc.. they are giving you direct control of the sword using one of the controller sticks, and then movement of your character using the other. So this is nearly a pure skill based fighting game.

There are some differences still between the characters the Samurai have the strongest attacks but weak armour, the knights visa versa, and the Vikings...well the Vikings have horns. I mentioned controllers, but fear not For Honour will be released on the PC as well as consoles, and it's set for release in 2016.

This is a Ubisoft title, which may be enough to keep some players away. However you cannot deny the passion the devs have for this project. Plus the innovation and pure fun to be had here, are enough to charm the strongest cynic.

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