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Call of Vengeance

By Kelevandos19-06-2013

The highly acclaimed Call of Duty: Black Ops is about to receive a brand new DLC pack and in it four new multi maps, a new zombie adventure and a comeback of a player's favourite anti-zombie weapon, the new Ray Gun Mark II. The maps include Cove, a tropical island close quarters shootout; Detour, a multi-dimensional head-on struggle on a big bridge; Rush, a paintball facility adventure, but with real guns; Uplink, a reimagined version of the fans' beloved Summit map! The new zombies map, Buried, will take the 4 well-known characters down into a underground Wild West city, unrevealing some new mysteries and allowing to pierce some undead with the new Ray Gun Mark II.

Vengeance will be out July 2nd for Xbox Live, with the other platforms "soon to follow".

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Posts: 1317

I love how people just accept this. Like "yeah, they're treating us like we're worth less than the Xbox players, but we don't care. We just want more of that amazing and fresh gameplay that is Call of Dootie".

Posts: 297

"soon to follow" pretty much another month, not like i'll be waiting for the DLC, too expensive =P.

Posts: 3290

It's well past the point where I can even gather the energy to say 'meh' anymore. Cool if you like it I guess.

But, y'know, stopped being news about the same as the dinosaurs were born

Posts: 1548

If it didnt cost more than most indies I'd definitely pick it up.

Posts: 596

I just hope sound is included and not an extra DLC :P