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Call of Jaw Dropping Graphics

By 97123-04-2014

Sledgehammer Games, known for making Modern Warfare 3, is in the spotlight again as Call of Duty 2014 is currently in development. Not much is known about the latest in the series, other than it is due to be released this fall. Today we got a taste of the high level of detail going into the character models. Almost looks real, doesn't it? 

The game is said to take a “next-gen first” approach, according the developers. This means it will focus on current hardware on PS4, Xbox One and the latest in PC architecture. It is also the first in the new 3-years-long development cycle, so as to give developers enough time to properly make each game. 

How far this will go in the near future is uncertain, but clearly it is an exciting time to be a gamer who is enthusiastic about the latest graphics. With devices like the Oculus Rift plus this level of graphics, we could be looking at true VR gaming some years from now.

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CoD needs to tone down its super high level of popcornity (that's a word now). Set it 10/20 years ago, so no more high tech stuff, just raw basic firepower and keep the story focused on a small group of soldiers in an "every man's" war if you will. Not in a super convoluted one evil man wants to destroy the world with lasers. Just a basic war that we see on the news. Keep it down to earth, keep it gritty and keep the characters human, I want to care about the guy shooting 1000 men in the face. I want a true purpose to need to kill the enemy