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Call of Duty - Superpower For Hire (Updated)

By drcoolio34502-05-2014

The Call of Duty team just today released a video talking about PMC's, or Private Military Companies. These are modern day mercenaries who are hired by anyone who pays well enough. They've been called terrorists, freedom fighters, soldiers, killers, and soon it's likely that you'll be able to call yourself a virtual one soon.

While It's not been announced that this will be the next game, the video above ends with an ominous question: "With advanced weaponry, highly trained soldiers, billions of dollars at their disposal, and few regulations, what happens when they stop following orders, and start taking over?"

With just 2 days left on the mysterious countdown on the Call of Duty website, It's reasonable to assume that the developer will be announcing a new title in the series.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Happy? Concerned? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


The next Call of Duty has been leaked. It's called Advanced Warfare, and if I have anything to say about it, it looks like something I would definitely play. Check out the reveal trailer below, with Kevin Spacey's face in it, somehow.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare looks to bring new, high-tech weapons to the battlefield on 4th November, 2014.

- Spellbound

Comments (5)
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Posts: 5

Did not care about Ghost whatsoever. This, on the other hand, looks great!

Posts: 39

I wasn't much of a fan of Ghosts, but at the very least, a (relatively) new setting should be able to inject some life into the series.

Posts: 267

Will be interesting to see how well it works this time. Early COD games were known for running well, partly due to less than impressive graphics. The latest ones managed to both look awful on PC in comparison to other games and run poorly.

Posts: 223

This does actually look really good. The whole Elysium-esque exo-suits could bring something new to the somewhat tired franchise.

Also, graphically...wow!! Kevin has never looked so good!!! The quick snippets of actual gameplay looks very impressive too. Let's hope that CoD can go back to what it was and that the extended dev time each team is getting now is worth it

Posts: 1548

Looks cool. Hope its better than Ghosts. Either way I'll buy it. Just for the campaign :P