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Call of Duty Sales Not Indicative Of Series Health

By JcDent05-12-2013

Oh boy, this is good. While speaking to Game Informer, Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg claimed, that relatively poor Call of Duty: Ghosts sales and flak from the critics doesn't make Activision worried, nor is it indicative of the game's quality. And making a CoD game each year is definitely for the best.

"We've been pretty transparent all year that we think, because of the challenges of the console transition year, that that was likely in the short-term. I think it would be a mistake to conflate the challenges of the console transition year with any indications about the health of the franchise. I know that Call of Duty's a polarising franchise with some of the critics, and it's clear to me that not all the critics like our strategy of making a game every year, but thankfully our fans do."

Says Hirshberg, apparently overjoyed that fans will blindly stick to the series, much like people who keep going to Transformers sequels. OK, maybe not an apt comparison – unlike Transformers, Call of Duty used to be good.

"It's also clear to me that the critical response doesn't always mirror the fans' appreciation of a game. We actually do read the critics' comments and take them into consideration during our creative process, but we just can't measure ourselves by that yardstick alone."

Hishberg says again, like a prophet down to the huddled masses below. This is a nice divisory tactic, by the way, turning fans against the critics who would imply that their 80 bucks and countless hours (and illegible comments on YouTube) were invested in a subpar product. Also, critics are not important as long as they criticse your product. But once they start chirping a more pleasurable tune, the game is immediately touted as "critically acclaimed" and all the scores and awards line the box.

"Our most important audience is our fans, so we try to stay laser-focused on making games that they love. If you look at the fact that [Ghosts is] the most pre-ordered game of the year, it's the most pre-ordered next-gen game of the year, it's already the number one most played on Xbox Live, and that we're seeing longer average playtimes than ever before, we're confident that we're doing well by the criteria that matter most."

Hirsher continues, firmly believing that if many people like something, then it must be good. Speaking about stuff that people like: Call of Duty Online, free-to-play, online, only, microstransaction driven FPS available only in China, is getting a zombie robot mode. Yep, these are robots that are also zombies. While this is an interesting gesture to milk renminbi out of Chinese, I wonder why these zombies are robots? Probably has something to do with the Party claiming that zombies don't exist and developers working around it. Cultural stuff is interesting, kids!

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Still a better lovestory than Twilight *shrug*

Latest one even has bestiality.

Like Twilight

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So the game sucks, the series is dying, and the sales are down. But they're not connected. I'm sure that's true, that there's no connection. But so what? The fact remains that the game sucks, the series is dying and the sales are down. Connected or not connected.