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Call of Duty: Ghosts... and Dogs

By NeonAnderson23-05-2013

A surprisingly classy trailer for the next Call of Duty has been revealed at the Xbox One reveal conference. While it does not yet show any proper gameplay, all footage is in-engine.

As the trailer is in-engine it gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect graphically from the game, one big highlight they made at the Xbox One event was that Call of Duty: Ghosts uses a "brand new engine" that has a bunch of new graphical features, some of which do indeed sound pretty impressive. The biggest graphical enhancement is something they are calling "Sub-D", this will render the same objects at increasing detail as the player gets closer to that object.

In addition to the new engine, Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature a brand new story written by the famed Stephen Gaghan who wrote the screenplay for Traffic and wrote Syriana. Activision says they hired Stephen Gaghan as they wanted to deliver an emotional experience for the player in which all the characters felt real and the players could feel a connection to those characters.

Perhaps the biggest change for the franchise is the introduction of a dog companion, while there have been dogs in Call of Duty games, this is the first time you will have a dog as a companion, as a result the graphical details on the dog has had a lot of work put into it so it looks and behaves as lifelike as a real dog, they also used motion capture technology on a real military dog.

All in all, Call of Duty: Ghosts sounds surprisingly promising and we were told we will get to see more at E3, especially about the multiplayer.

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Ghosts kind of makes me want to buy a Call of Duty game again. The last CoD I bought was Black Ops 1 and Modern Warfare 3. I liked the MP of Black Ops, but I hated MW3 - what a poorly polished game that was!