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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Coop Gameplay Video

By WskOsc22-06-2015

The new Call Of Duty is almost upon us (again) but just how much new is there this time around? The new “tutorial” video aims to address some of that by showing off the Cybernetic Core and cooperative gameplay. There seems to be several different “Cores” with a bunch of skills for each, we still don't know the names for them so we've just split them up by the groups they're shown in. We see most of them in the 10 minutes of gameplay so here's the quick skinny on those:

  • Ravage Core – ripping a robot's battery out and throwing it like a grenade.
  • The ability to disable and damage enemy robots/turrets as well as take control of them.
  • Switch robots allegiances so they fight for you.
  • Turn a robot into an electrical suicide bomb.
  • Turning an exo-suit on its user.
  • Electrostatic Strike – electrocute enemies with a melee attack.
  • Temporarily blind and deafen humans.
  • Immolate robots, or detonate all explosives carried by a target.
  • Release a swarm of tiny firefly robots to be a GI Joe villain (dibs!)
  • Incapacitate enemies with sound waves.
  • Detonate fuel, electrical and power containers remotely.
  • Fake bombardment, forcing enemies to run for cover.
  • Rapid Strike – perform two additional melee attacks after a melee kill.
  • Temporarily buff your ability to aim, switch weapons and move faster.
  • Dash forwards, killing enemies in your way.
  • Send out a concussive wave, killing enemies near you and knocking down others.
  • Become invisible.
  • Make an enemy's weapon malfunction temporarily.
  • Pop an electrified smoke screen around yourself.

Most of those seem pretty run of the mill but with four player coop it's likely there's a whole fourth set of abilities we've not seen yet and each 'class' gets a few unique skills that look like a blast to use, especially the Firefly Swarm and stealing enemy drones. It looks like Treyarch are delivering on their promise of something new while sticking to the tried and true Call Of Duty formula which isn't a bad thing at all.

That's the news for today, enjoy the video and stay with us for more news, reviews and other content as it happens.

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