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Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 – Control Cybercore Powers

By WskOsc10-10-2015

We recently covered the chaos cybercore in Black Ops 3 and it sounded like a blast. The chaos core isn't the only set of skills available to players however. The above video shows off the control cybercore which allows players to disable enemy robotics and turrets, of if you'd like you can turn an enemy robot to your side. You can also destroy enemy robots from a distance, overloading their power core so that electricity arcs from them, if it touches other robots they too explode.

Perhaps the most interesting skill for this cybercore is the ability to hijack enemy drones and control them yourself for a time. When their usefulness is outlived, you can explode the drone. Lastly, there's the ability to pull the power core from an enemy robot's chest with your bare hands and then lob it like a grenade, it's not a Terminator style mini-nuke but hey, free grenade.

Black Ops 3 is coming November 6 and is available on Steam for £39.99.

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