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Call of Delaware

By Bobfish11-10-2013

It seems that everything is coming up roses, once again, for dear old Activision. Further to the rather messy legal shenanigans that have been plauging them regarding parent company Vivendi, the Delware court has made its final ruling regarding their proposal to buy back shares. Bad news kiddies, the ruling went in Activisions favour, thus allowing them to front up $8.2 billion to, effectively, buy their freedom. Terrible isn't it? How dare they find a way to ensure their own independence?

Seriously, if you actually wanted this to fail, if you really wanted to see Activision finally screwed through no fault of their own, you should take a long hard look in the mirror. And go cry some more, because it isn't happening. Call of Woof-woof-arf will release next month, everyone and their uncle (including most of you haters) will buy it, and their plan for world domination will continue as though nothing ever happened.

Personal feelings aside, I'm happy to see them get the ruling they deserved. Whatever I may think of them or their games, the way Vivendi was trying to whore out their name to repair its own idiotic business decisions was utterly disgraceful. But, as of next Tuesday, October 15th, Activision will become and independent entity, accountable only to itself.

And the gamers so, here's an idea, if you don't like their games so much, stop buying them!

Just saying.


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