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Call of Bacon

By Bobfish12-03-2013

Ever wanted to jump into a Black Ops II multi-player lobby, choose your loadout, start the game and mow down your enemies with an assault rifle covered in bacon?

I am absolutely serious.

As of tomorrow, a slew of new microtransation options will be rolled out onto the X-Box Live version of the game. There are no clear indications of when the rest of us will get them too or how much they will cost (extra slots will be 160 MS Points, the customisations 80 each, so likely around a pound and fifty pence respectively) but they include such things as extra custom class slots and personalisation packs. One of which, I am not shitting you, is a bacon skin for your weapons. Bacon. On your gun. Just...the hell guys? Just...just...what? Also, Nuketown will now be made available to all, no longer only those who pre-ordered. Whilst the Nuketown Zombies will go up for sale at 400 MS Points, so expect to see that incoming, soon, at the $4/£3ish mark. But, dude...bacon...

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