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Call me Misterr Holmes

By Bobfish31-01-2014

One would think, by this stage in development, we would already be intimately familiar with the world's greatest detective. But ney, this is, in fact, the first time we have heard the man speak. Shocking, is it not? Also yay for split infinitives. So here, now we be bringing it with the Crimes and Punishments, we come bearing a two-fold offering of Holmsian goodness. And I don't mean because there are pictures and video.

See, as well as introducing us to the voice of Holmes, and the new Watson, who are both a little...dry in their performances. We also see, fully, for the first time, precisely how the keen eye and mind of Holmes work within the framework of the game. Pretty much what you would expect really. With the former being areas of interest highlighted as you sweep over them, and the latter taking the shape of a visualised memory map with links between various aspects of a case collated until the inevitable conclusion.

As for the voices, well they do sound a bit dry and staid, but that also fits with the English gentry of the late 19th century. It was a decidedly humourless time in British history, for obvious reasons. So in that respect, they nailed it. Though it may come across as a little flat and grating to some, I'm sold. Now just release the damned game already!

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