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By BloodyFanGirl28-07-2014

The lone developer behind horror game Caffeine is back with a second crowd funding campaign on IndieGoGo. This time the developer is asking for a humble $5, 000 so that he can dedicate all of his time to making the game. Check out the crowd funding campaign trailer above (that jump scare in the first minute gets me every time).

Caffeine takes place in a near-future version of our own world where everyone is addicted to caffeine. The world-wide addiction is so strong and caffeine is so in demand that massive corporations set up space stations in order to mine minerals for synthetic caffeine. The player finds themselves alone on just such a space station with no memory of how they got there or where everyone else went. Through exploration, puzzle-solving and platforming it's up to you to figure out just what happened on board...and whether you're not quite as alone as you first thought. You can download the alpha build of the game here.

For a small donation of $15, backers of Caffeine's crowd-funding campaign will be rewarded with a digital copy of the full game and a Special Thanks credit. The developer says he hopes to release the full game during the first half of 2015 for PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.

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