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C&C To Return To Red Alert/Tiberium

By Bis18marck7026-02-2013

Whatever your opinion on EAs decision to make C&C free-to-play might be, it might interest you as a fan of the series – this is me presuming you are – to know that although the newest title will base itself upon C&C: Generals, Victory Games plan to add the Red Alert and Tiberium universes in the months following the release. Victory Games GM Jon Van Caneghem showed of these plans while talking about the future of the series and what is to come in the next ten years.

Ten years? Yes, indeed, ten years:

'We like to say that 2013 is [...] the beginning of the next 10 years of Command & Conquer games.  We're building this platform and this first game to start that process, [...] over time, we want to add the Tiberium universe and the Red Alert universe, even a new fiction we've been working on."

On the prospect of a single-player campaign, Van Caneghem said nothing utterly specific but:

'This really becomes a service that just goes, and goes, and goes. We'll be adding content weekly, monthly, constantly going forward: new universes, campaigns, single-player and more game modes.'

Whether this content will be put out free-of-charge for players of the game or be part of some kind of DLC scheme, sadly remains unanswered. With a certain company that may or may not have been mentioned in this news post having their hands in the development and publishing of the game, I would not get my hopes up.

C&C is planned to go into open beta 'sometime this year'.

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So what happened to that CnC game by BioWare?