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Busting the Revolution

By Bobfish16-03-2015

To say that Homefront 2 aka Homefront: The Revolution, has had a storied past is a gross understatement to say the least. In fact, even saying that is an understatement in itself. The fact that it is still even mentioned, let alone in production, is testament to the quality of the premise. 'Cause let's face it, much as I actually really enjoyed the first game, it was a not, shall we say, a work of artistic genius.

But there was just something about it that made it compelling. Partly the, albeit rather farfetched, real world element of the continued rivalry between the United States and North Korea exploding into full blown invasion. And there was that scene outside the Hooters (of all places) with the white phosphorus. Dear Gods the white phos...

Enough of that. The point is, things have been pretty much as fascinating along the road to its development. With one more twist hitting us now, as Deep Silver opened a new development team, Dambuster Studios, in July of last year. Based in Nottingham, in the North of England (but still several miles South of me I might add) these chaps are now in charge of the reigns, and assure us the game is well underway. Set for release sometime next year across the Xbone, Puss 4 and, of course, the PC.

To commemorate, we have a new packshot, which is kinda' meh, but I'm looking forward to the game all the same.

The white phos man.

White phos...

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The white phos...

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I hated the original Homefront. HATED it. It felt downright offensive, how much of an idiot it treated you as. Yeah sure, the multiplayer was supposedly alright, but that wasn't why I bought the game. I bought it because I thought they'd actually have a pretty decent story in there. Turns out it was just a Call of Duty wannabe. When you try to be Call of Duty, and you don't even succeed at THAT, then you have got SERIOUS problems.

... But I'll give a possible sequel a chance. Like you said, the premise definitely has legs.