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BunnyLord Looking For (Not) a Hero

By Bunnysuit28-03-2014

Hello, I am your future mayoral candidate BunnyLord. In the future the world has morphed into a 2 ¼ D reality, which is much more aesthetically pleasing than the 3D world that you're used to. It was transformed by our god Roll7 using the mystical tool known as ISO-Slant. Anyway, I have come to you because I'm looking for someone to kill many people during the election. There are five districts that I need to be cleared out. This sounds like a big job just for one person, but you can recruit as many "heroes" as you see fit.

There are some skills that I expect from a killer to be able to succeed these missions. Stealth is very important, your targets can even hear the click of you reloading. Can you use a shotgun, katana, or kill people with your bare hands? Perfect. I do warn you, even though you're an expert killer, not all missions are predictable. Prepare for the unexpected. You can try out the missions right now, March 28-30 at Rezzed, the real deal will come later, in fall of this year. I'll keep in touch.

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