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Bungie Interviewed, PC Might Get Love

By MrJenssen27-05-2013

In an interview with IGN, Eric Osborne, senior writer and community head at Bungie, it was revealed that a possible PC version of Bungie's upcoming sci-fi MMOFPS Destiny, is not something they're not going to say they're not making just yet. You got that? No? Well let me quote the man, and maybe it'll make some more sense to you:

"We haven't said yes, and we haven't said no..."

Hey, that's not so bad! What else does he say?

"The more platforms we take on, the more work it ultimately becomes, and what we don't want is to compromise the core experience on any platforms. We have a lot of people who play on PCs. We have a lot of appetite to build that experience. We haven't announced it yet, but we're looking forward to talking more about that kind of stuff in the future."

Oh. That first part didn't sound too good. So yeah, at the moment there's no confirmation of the game coming to PC... but at least there's no confirmation of the game NOT coming to the PC either, if that's any consolation to any of you.

The IGN story also mentions that Destiny will get its very first gameplay reveal come June 10th. Anybody excited? Yes? No? Maybe?


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Posts: 351

I really hope they do, I do not want to play it on console and will probably not.

Posts: 3290

Pretty much, yeah

Posts: 44

Wow. What a massive waste of energy. He could have saved himself the trouble by just shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Meh."