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Bulletstorm Blown off Steam

By Toast22-03-2014

As from at some point during this very week, Bulletstorm has officially gone AWOL from Valve’s Steam store. Citing that People Can Fly at the time of release (now known as Epic Games Poland) choose the route of using GFWL as the DRM system of choice back in 2011, it turns out it’s come back to bite the game, and customers, in the ass. If you’ve been keeping up with the whole GFWL debacle, it was confirmed that it was shutting down, with some still being sceptical about the intentions of games that were still using it, and were recently released.

Some have had their fates chosen or are still uncertain. So unfortunately, you have to understand that something like Bulletstorm, may have been removed with good intentions on removing the plight weighing it down, or like others, could be the first confirmed casualty of keeping the DRM attached to its soon rotting corpse. Hopefully in the end it’ll end up having a switchover to something like Steamworks just as Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, or some other similar alternative. At this point we can only hope it gets upgraded, time is quickly running out towards the 1st of July.

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Posts: 1317

Because they'd be selling a game that they know doesn't work, a few months from now.

It might come back without GFWL tho.

Posts: 1548

Why would they remove it? Why not lower the price and just leave it?

Posts: 1317

Ironic how Microsoft are practically encouraging piracy at this point.