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Bullets, Blades and Blood

By MrJenssen14-10-2014

There is something oddly appealing about Killing Floor. The cooperative arena-shooter should by all accounts not be an entertaining game. Literally all you do is run around in samey environments, fighting off ever-increasing waves of the same enemies over and over again. And yet, it's damn fun. At least in small bursts. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why it's so enjoyable, whether it's the badass attention to detail with the weaponry, the challenge in staying together and staying alive, or the levels themselves. But rest assured, the fact that the game is alive and kicking today - five years after it first released as a retail stand-alone game - speaks to its quality.

With Killing Floor 2, indie dev Tripwire Interactive aren't looking to reinvent the wheel or anything. You won't be seeing Left 4 Dead style campaigns with randomized map layouts. Instead, the focus goes into improving the mechanics that worked, and adding new mechanics to keep the grins coming. Tripwire have been promising lots of gore and we now finally have the footage to prove it.

We've heard the devs talk about the inspiration they found in Soldier of Fortune's gory Ghoul engine, where you can mutilate enemies in a number of sadistic ways. Well, Tripwire were clearly fans, but seeing that was over a decade ago by now, we can't just accept a simple ripoff. And if you check out the dev diary above, the gameplay shown shouldn't have any trouble convincing you; if it's gore you want, then it's gore you'll get. Apparently, the current count of limbs and parts to dismember, is 22. That's pretty impressive.

I love gore in games like this. The more over-the-top, the better. And being a huge fan of Soldier of Fortune (and shamefully, even its sequel), I'm happy to see someone pick up what Raven left off so many years ago. It's all tongue-in-cheek obviously, but I would still not recommend that you show the video to your non-gamer grandmother. She might not understand.

Killing Floor 2 is set for release sometime next year. We'll keep you updated.

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This is currently the only title on my "New game to buy list"

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They weren't kidding were they. Dayum