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Bullet Run To Bite The Dust In March

By JcDent04-02-2013

Bullet Run, the free-to-play disgrace to the multiplayer FPS genre, is going to be euthanized come March 8th. For those blissfully not in the know, Bullet Run is (but not for long, heh) a game about a near-future TV show that features competitors gunning each other down with contemporary weapons. It featured gun customization and XP rates based on your clothing.

All in all, it was a horrible, terribly made (the involvement of Acony Studio in the Kony 2012 debacle is debatable), uninspired, boring and buggy piece of trash that stained Steam accounts and had the audacity to beg for all of your moneys. It's a horrible game and anyone who liked it should feel bad.

Yet there is some justice in the world: SOE is shutting the game down on March 8 and while Acony retains its code, there are no plans to relaunch it. And why would they? APB had redeeming features (check out my sweet wheels), Bullet Run does not. Yet some people spent money on it (while also spouting "it really gets better after you reach level 20), so SOE has to marshal all of its mercy and refund the dope dopes.

What other games are aching for a dirt nap? Discuss in the comments section, please!

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