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Build Your Own Telekinesis Game With Terraforming And Magic

By Kelevandos01-05-2013

Are you a fan of toying with the game world around you? Well, who isn't! Games like Half-Life or Dark Messiah of Might and Magic still have numerous fans, providing fun years after the release. The StillAlive studio decided that it may be time for another such game and creating a Kickstarter for Son of Nor as a result. And it looks very of promising!

In Son of Nor, the player is going to play as an entity who wields mysterious powers of telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic. With those abilities, we are to defend the last stand of mankind against the reptilian race of Sarahul. How? Well, in any way we like! Tear a rock from the cliffside, set it ablaze and throw it at the enemy? Or maybe create a deep sand pit into which the enemies fall, followed by a rockslide? The possibilities are countless and what's more – in the multiplayer we will be able to create cross-character combos! Apart from fighting, we also get to solve many environmental puzzles, explore the world and learn about its rich history and lore.

The game looks amazing, despite being in early beta. The developers promise not to include too much UI or HUD, in order to keep the gameplay as natural as possible. Son of Nor is due to be released about halfway through 2014, but first, it needs your backup! If you find the game interesting, head to its Kickstarter page and support the game!

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