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Build Yer Own Damn Spaceship In Space Engineers

By JcDent09-09-2013

Space Engineers seems to be an another indie effort at space construction games. But this time, you don't do it from pre-made parts like in, say, Kerbal. You build it from a lot of cubes and engines, sort of like a more advanced Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bults (a dirty console peasant game).

As you might see in the video, it will be perfect for the more space inclined Minecraft fans, especially if you don't need to make wiring and stuff. Soon you'll have Enterprises, Star Destroyers, Babylon 5's, whatever they did in Stargate spin-offs and other things zooming around.

And, since it's the internet, there will be a lot of flying penises. Entire fleets of them.

The only detraction so far, as you can see from the video and the dejected pose of the digital space engineer, is how easy/realistic they will be to break through simple ramming.

Then again, this is ALPHA FOOTAGE, we might see guns yet!

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