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Build Tomorrows Plane in 1.39

By 97119-04-2014

While the development of War Thunder Ground Forces is nearing its open beta sometime in the near future, Gaijin's latest update 1.39 should provide a healthy distraction to its waiting fans and more. The update brings in New Maps / Missions, new planes and the new Squadron Battles feature.

New content and fixes are always expected in new updates, it's when you are given the opportunity to make some content that makes it special. As of now by using the CDK (Content Development Kit), a new world of modifying planes from the smallest details to making your own has arrived. With so many opportunities to making your own missions and maps or building on existing ones, it's exciting to check out those custom missions. CDK information and instructions are available here.

Squadron Battles now allow competitive clan battles, using a new PvP rating system known as Elo. A new historical mission, the Battle of Kursk, has been added, a turning point in 1943 where Russia ended the German offensive. Some changes have also been made to the progression tree since 1.37. Full changelog available here.

Now some good news for those who can't wait for ground forces. Those who currently possess codes will be able to play as either a tank or plane. This is due to ground forces being transferred to the main server but while it is being implemented, playing as tanks and planes will be unavailable for a short time. But when you do, you’ll be first.

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