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Build The Amusement Park Of Your Dreams

By Kelevandos01-05-2013

Do you remember the tycoon era some years ago? The time of building zoos, setting up cities and erecting theme parks. Oh, yeah, theme parks. The fans of the cult Roller Coaster tycoon may start rejoicing – a German studio B-Alive is working on a full-scale theme park management game called Adventure Park!

What should we expect from it? Everything! The devs promise a nice level of complexity, requiring the player to think about both the attractions and the additional infrastructure, and suited for both casual and demanding players. We will also be able to decorate our park the way we like, using a multitude of statues, fences, lamps and so on. What I find most interesting though is the grid-free roller coaster building system! If done right, it could provide lots and lots of fun, allowing the players to build exactly what they want.

While not innovative, Adventure Park sure sounds like lots of fun, as long as the developers can keep their promises. Will they? We will learn about that on the 3rd quarter of 2013, at the price of 23.99€.

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Posts: 596

Hmmm, time to massacre people again by removing parts of the rails... muahahaha :P

Posts: 3290

I hope they have the same sense of humour Theme Park World had. That narrator dude was funny as

Posts: 1548

About time someone brought this great genre back!