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Bugbear Kickstarts Next Car Game

By MrJenssen02-11-2013

Bugbear Entertainment, the people who brought us the early FlatOut series - my favorite multiplayer racing/crashing games - have been working on their next (car) game for quite a while. They've shown early footage and have even set up pre-orders, promising that a playable sneak peek will be released once they hit the 10,000 copies ordered mark.

We've already mentioned that a Kickstarter has been planned for a few months already, but we never knew exactly when it would go live. Finally, we have that information. It's...NOW! Along with their initial goal of a relatively modest $350.000, they're showing a plethora of screenshots to gaze at.

The development of this soft body crash-o-mania has been in the works for a long time, and the funding asked is evidently meant to bring the game to full completion.

"We've invested a lot of time into the development, and the game is already playable with many of the features implemented. Now we just need to take the game to the finish line, with all the experience and knowledge we have, with you guys at the wheel!

We've envisioned the game not being something that we get the funding for, finish and then just move on. We would rather keep on updating it, adding new features based on your feedback and and build it into an ultimate race experience."

Well, that sounds pretty cool! Now, let's just hope they find a decent name for the game in time for release...

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