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Bug Fixes & Free DLCs Upcoming for Stronghold Crusader 2

By MrJenssen02-12-2014

Stronghold Crusader 2 has gotten a rather lukewarm reception. Critics cite bugs and a lack of new content over its nearly 15 year old predecessor as the biggest culprits for the game's unamazingness. That's a word, isn't it? Unamazingness?

Anyway, developer Firefly Studios isn't the kind to cut and run once the going gets tough. As shown in the above embedded Q&A video, Nick from the dev team explains what the plans are for the future. First and foremost, there will be fixes and improvements to the various problems still hampering the game experience. Moreover, there will be new content. Things like units and buildings, characters, maps, modes and the likes. Most, if not all of which, will be completely free to those who own the game. Steam Workshop support is also in their plans.

Nick isn't all that specific on exactly when any of this content will be released, but assures players that we'll be seeing a lot of it during 2015.

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