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BT won’t let UPlay

By Toast25-01-2014

Oh dear...British Telecom, is having issues with Ubisoft's UPlay service, or rather UPlay is having connection issues with BT, we actually don't know! What we do know is, there are a lot of people facing these issues at this moment in time with several claiming one side is the blame while others are arguing against. Fortunately Ubisoft is looking into the matter as was confirmed by Eurogamer.

However, Ubisoft has commented on the forum with at least 2 responses to the possible cause and response to an earlier BT 'fingerpointing' tweet being removed:

"Finger pointing was never our intention. We're working to resolve this issue for all our customers who are affected, and the person or people who caused the issue is less important than identifying the root cause and getting everyone back playing the games they want to. If we receive more information that is relevant to helping you all gain access to your games, we will let you know."

Some also asked Ubisoft why there had been no fix for the past 3 days, and of course, still counting, they got this response:

"Identifying the root cause of the issue and resolving it is the key short term goal. Once that is done, the cause of the issue (be it something on BT Infinity's side or Ubisoft's side) can be addressed and hopefully safeguards can be put in place to stop it happening again in the future. If the issue is on Ubisoft's side, then we will of course do all we can to stop it from happening again in the future. If the root of the issue lies with BT Infinity, then there are limits on what we can do to stop future occurrences of the issue, but we will work to identify the options available to us.

We fully understand that losing access to your games, especially through no fault of your own, is no fun, and our support team is working to get you access to your games again."

Ubisoft has had a spot of trouble with UPlay over the past few years (customers too for that matter) with being hacked as the result of a breach into a server which led to the decision of disabling accounts and asking people to change their passwords to restore them again. Not only this, but several exploits to download free games, such as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Not to mention to countless internet stories of UPlay being attacked to bring down the online servers so that no one could play single player games, back when you needed to be connected to the internet to play them.

So, are any of you affected by this latest hiccup? Are you or are you not a BT Infinity customer? Let us know below.


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Posts: 596

Never was a BT customer when I was in UK, always was on Virgin. But I must say I've never been happy with the internet in UK. Granted my inet here in Belgium is also not perfect, but I think that's due to the router they provide. Even in UK when I used my own router there were still many problems simply from Virgin's side with specific games. The down-throttling was also annoying as hell. Dare to use the advertised speed and they immediately throttle you down. What good is the high speed then, nothing more than false advertising!

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Never had any trouble with it. Like, at all

Posts: 166

Luckily I am not a BT infinity customer, with sky Fibre so have not experienced such problems with said service. Though Uplay is generally unreliable though, or have been.

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lol, wut?