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Broken Age Comes of Age, Reaches Completion

By KenpoJuJitsu329-04-2015

Yo jurors! Did you checkout Double Fine's game Broken Age when it sort of launched in January 2014? Well, if you did or did not, now might me the time to check it out as Broken Age is finally complete. Who says Double Fine doesn't finish their games?!

At any rate, act 2 is finally here so Double Fine have saw fit to give us a, umm, "launch" trailer. Ignore what it's called and check the trailer out. We were fairly impressed with part 1 so hopefully, after such a long time, part 2 can be even better. We'll let you know more about that when we spend some time with it.

What say you jurors? Are you ready to play now that Broken Age is complete? Or has the ages that have passed since launch left your hype broken? Let us know in the comments.

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I've finished it off, it's pretty good.