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Broken Age Act 2 Moves into Beta

By zethalee20-02-2015

It's been over a year since the previous act of Broken Age was released on the PC, to praises about its charm and inviting atmosphere. Since then, amid the curious news that the game had grown so large that they were going to need to fund development of the second half, people have wondered about the future of Broken Age. Had Tim Schafer found himself in over his head?

With this newest update, it appears as though that is not the case. With the entire game being written, recorded, assembled, and running on PS4 and Vita hardware, QA testing has begun, and the box art is being finalized. As you can see in the video linked above, and corroborating information in a post on Double Fine's Kickstarter, the only work left is the cutscene animation, which may well take some time.

Does this mean that there's a specific release date locked down already? If you think that's the case, you'll be sorely disappointed. Though, with the move of the game to the bug quashing stage, a full (and final) release can't be far off. When it does come out on digital and physical platforms, rest assured that we'll be here to cover it.

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