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Broken Age Act 2 Funded!

By Fr33Lanc3r.00724-02-2014

Broken Age Act 1 was a game that I liked a lot, even if there were others who didn't feel the same way, but it was still quite noticeably split. You see, even though Double Fine managed to raise more money than they ever thought possible, they still ran out, and decided to split the game in two and fund the second half with the income of the first, rather than go to a publisher or back to Kickstarter.

In an interview with Gamesindustry International, Tim Schafer himself went on record saying that "We've made enough that we can make the second half of the game for sure", which is a big relief to everyone wanting to finish the stories of Shay and Vella. He also went on saying that they could have handled the way the budget ballooned for Broken Age, and particularly the difference between the reactions between active backers (who watched the video updates) and everyone else, and coming to the conclusion that remaining as transparent as possible is the best policy. It's a lesson that they're taking very much to heart with their other Kickstarter project, Massive Challice.

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