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British Tankers – Roll Out (Beta)

By NeonAnderson13-10-2012

Ramming speed!

The public beta, or test version if you prefer, of patch 8.1 has started on Friday and will run for as long as it takes. Thus, until the developers determine the patch has been tested enough. Players can expect multiple test updates along the way in which the developers change things to tweak and test everything out.

Usually these public tests last between 1 and 5 weeks, depending on the amount of things they plan on changing or adding in the patch. For 8.1 it is a good guess that it will run for about 1 to 3 weeks.

The major change in 8.1 is the addition of the British tank tree. These tanks can all be tried on the public test server, but bear in mind that no progress is kept or transferred to the regular servers.

Interested in testing out the new British tanks? Click here to download the test client.

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