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Bringing Home the Bomb – Payday 2 Update out Now

By zethalee26-01-2015

Last week, we brought you the news that Payday 2, by way of a live action trailer, had a new heist coming, along with a few new characters and possibly a weapon or two. Today, we're treated with the full skinny. Starting with day one of a three day update cycle in which we got more information about The Butcher, the new contractor.

An arms dealer hailing from the Balkan region, she reportedly smuggled weapons to the IRA, the Baader-Meinhof Group, and the Albanian mafia. As someone of respectable standing within the organized crime underground, the two jobs she's sent the team, possibly titled Forest and Dockyard, along with Dragan, her main confidant, make up the DLC.

Day two of the update is titled Bez Muke Nema Nauke, which is a Croatian proverb for "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," or more simply, "No pain, no gain." This comes alongside details of Dragan, the newest character added and his associated class, the "Infiltrator." The Infiltrator class derives its power from being up to his enemies, as you take reduced damage and deal more damage with melee weapons and CQB armaments. He brings with him a new knife, and the Lion's Roar rifle, a reskin of the Croatian-made VHS-2 rifle.

Day three is titled It's Time, and with it brings details about four new masks, patterns and materials, along with the LEO Pistol, a reskin of the Croatian HS2000. With this comes details about the heists, where the team is trying to steal a bomb, possibly to be used in another heist. The first of which takes place in a dockyard, where it's highly recommended that you sneak onto a ship, steal the bomb in front of the security force, and then make your escape. The other involves derailing a train and engaging the police forces in open combat, though thankfully, the bomb is protected against large impacts if such a derailment were to happen.

The entire DLC was developed by a small team called Lion Game Lion, based in Croatia, and this is the first content they appear to have developed. The heists pack will run you 6.99 USD, and the Dragan character pack will cost you 4.99 USD.

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