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Bringing Disharmony to Endless Space

By JcDent28-05-2013

You know Endless Space? It's a fun TBS 4X sci-fi game with a lot of community input and constant big updates. Well, guess what, it's getting an update.

"Disharmony", as it's called, will bring a new race. The mineral beings belonding to the Harmony were traveling, since the dawn of time, towards the core of the universe. But it the Endless galaxy, the Dust interfered with their fields and particles, so the Harmony were emergency ejected into real space. Here they aim to destroy all Dust - and they're not planning on noticing the local species that wouldn't like that.

Besides that, we're going to see the introduction of fighters and bombers, reworked ship building and new weapon families (shory, medium and long range), rebuilt battle system that now involves targeting and formations and a smarter AI with a really complex name!

Are you excited? Then draw 9.99 Euros/bucks from you Emergency Spending Sock and await the summer.

And since we have the time, tell us how you feel about it!

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