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Bring Friends And Blow Things Up

By SavageOcto28-11-2012

We’ve seen a lot of the upcoming Far Cry 3 lately. Ubisoft seems to put out a new video every day to show different aspects of their game. Today’s video is about the game’s coop mode.

You and up to 3 of your friends can explore a new island to hunt, kill, and blow up any bad guy that gets in your way. Coop features 4 different characters to choose from: Callum, a loud and foul mouth Scottish thug; Leonard, a crooked cop; Tisha, an ex-soldier; and Mikhail, a Russian hitman.

Set 6 months prior to the events in the single player campaign is a separate cooperative one. The four characters have been betrayed and sold to slavery by their captain. It seems they escape and seek revenge on the traitor, as well as to get back the loot he stole from them.

From the trailer the coop mode seems like the standard affair seen in other coop games like Borderlands. Not that this is a bad thing. It’s always more fun to play with friends, and Far Cry 3 looks no different.

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Wait for our review and we will judge the Coop :P

Posts: 240

"the stereotypical Scottish guy with all his metaphors and wordplay was kinda obnoxious though." I take offense to this. :P But, eh, doesn't look really good to me either. It's nice that it's there I suppose.

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*Panned by every reviewer, I meant to say. Not to mention that the campaign is played through in about 2-3 hours with absolutely no replayability (other than if you actually just loved the CoD-esque gameplay that much). It's an okay trailer, but the stereotypical Scottish guy with all his metaphors and wordplay was kinda obnoxious though.

Posts: 1317

The coop has already been pretty much panned for stripping down the positive elements of the singleplayer campaign (the free-roam, exploration, more than two weapons) and instead forces you to survive waves of stupid enemies that either stand around or shoot you in the face through walls.

The only people this trailer is gonna fool, is the casuals who don't read reviews but just pick up games because they have cool cover-images.