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Bring Arstotzka Civilisation to Glory in this Mod

By NAG3LT16-02-2014

In Papers, Please, you play as a powerless cog in the bureaucratic machine of authoritarian Arstotzka. That game has a very grim tone for the player and some wars in the backstory of the setting. What if you want to bring the glory to Arstotzka? Now you can thanks to Civilization V Brave New World mod by Snakeeater337, which adds Arstotzka as a playable civilisation as well as a new map based on the Papers Please.

In this mod, the Arstotzka is leaded by the Glorious Leader (not Kim Jong-un), whose face is not shown. There is a custom music and dialogue to preserve some of the feel from the original game. As it is far from the most pleasant place to live, there is less food and happiness, but more production. To nobody’s surprise the special unit is the Border Guard which fights better on its home turf. Similarly, the unique building is the Border Checkpoint, which can be filled with Border Inspectors, who provide money to the state. The mod is balanced based on players’ responses, so leave your impressions at the mod page on Steam Workshop. There is also a thread about making mods with other Paper Please civs, so leave your responses and be ready to liberate Kolechia in the future. 

Glory to Arstotzka!

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I've grown bored with CIV5 so maybe this will make it fun again