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Brian Blessed's Blustering Beard

By KamikazeGoomba27-11-2013

Brian Blessed, the man with the most manly of manly beards, has done the voiceover for the Putty Squad trailer. Putty Squad was a 1994 platformer on the Super Nintendo, and according to the arousing voice of Brian Blessed is going to be released on some silly Next Gen Console (PlayStation 4). Truly the most ambitious test for such a fresh piece of hardware is a 19 year old game. More importantly though, is the fact that sometime after the November 29th release, Putty Squad will be delivered on the almighty Steam. It's a shame that console scrubs get a release before the PC gaming master race, but then Brian Blessed's magnificent voice starts to ring in my ears and all bitter feelings dissipate to the ether.

Ok, maybe I'm harping too much on the man with a beard that could shame Grizzly Adams, but no I'm not. Putty Squad does appear to be an entertaining game, but having never owned a Super Nintendo *Gasp* I can't say for sure. The visuals appear to have been developed by a team who cared about creating a vibrant world, and it's a platformer which is my bread and butter. I mean you get to play as a stretching, pulling, absorbing, punching, burping, and farting piece of putty. It is clearly the most mature title that gaming has to offer. If you're the type of person who played this as a child, then you're most likely ecstatic about the remake since it appears like it was pulled straight out of 1994. It doesn't look bad, it's just clear that it's aged a bit. But you probably won't even notice that while Brian Blessed sings sweet words into your ears with his magical voice.

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