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Breaching The Atmosphere & Coming In To Land

By BloodyFanGirl07-06-2014

Wildstar officially launched on June 3rd and to celebrate developer Carbine have released a new trailer. The trailer sets up the basic premise, as told by the action MMORPG's various races and factions. Check it out above.

People from a number of races flock to the newly re-discovered planet 'Nexus' for reasons equal in multitude. You'll notice I said 're-discovered' as the people there before were The Elders...all of whom have disappeared and no one knows how or why. As you might have guessed, the Nexus newbies begin to fight over the planet but there's one thing they don't seem to know just yet: 'Nexus has a terrible secret'. It would seem the Nexus newbies have a welcoming party that is ever so eager to meet them...

You can attempt to unravel Nexus' secret for yourself by checking out the official website here, the Facebook here and the Twitter here.

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