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Brave New World to Dawn on Civ V

By JcDent15-03-2013

Civilization V, one of the major turn-based 4X devils is to get a new expansion come this summer. Last year's Gods and Kings added religions and espionage, now it's time for trade routes and late game ideologies.

Nowadays Civ trade routes are quite rudimentary - you connect a city to your capital by land or sea and get money. Brave New World, barbarians will be able to raid caravans and spawn more barbarians while enemy will block your routes in war.

Talking about conquest, this is where ideology comes into play. Starting with industrial era, ideologies will be available and will supposedly make a cultural victory more interesting and challenging.

Combine this together and I can't wait to take over the world with my imperial theocracy. What do you think about Civ V and its expansions?

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Good point!

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Let me guess one of new achievements:

Achieve Science Victory as Casimir.