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Brave New World Showcases Diplomacy

By Mokman17-06-2013

Well, it's not like there weren't oodles of diplomacy and bartering and talking to various leaders of civilizations in the base game itself - but it seems that Brave New World, the upcoming expansion for Civilization V, is set on bringing it to a whole new level. Hence, this sexy new trailer showcasing the various diplomacy-related features within the expansion - starting with the world congress, where you basically spend the whole game trying to be elected as the World Leader. There are councils in the congress, passing resolutions, intrigues and adding various dynamics to the game.

Limit the use of nuclear weapons, declare trade sanctions, and be as efficient or inefficient a governing body of the world as you wish. Utilize diplomats who would traverse about and help you secure your own diplomatic victory. Oh yeah, I am definitely getting this.

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Posts: 1548

Why do I have to get elected when I can just conquer the whole world! :P

Posts: 228

Man, I hated diplomacy in CivV. No real alliances, enemy nations acting irrationally... It's like playing Warlock: Master of The Arcane all over again.