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Boxing Dogs

By Bobfish11-09-2013

Well, well, well. This one had my name written all over it. For those who don't know, I am a complete sucker for Collector's Editions. Most people don't understand what I see in them. Well, here's Ubisoft with an Unboxing of the Watch Dog's Dedsec edition. Convinced yet?

Well, have a shuftie through all the glorious, glorious goody awesomeness (yes I'm gushing, what about it?) that Ubi are treating us to this time. And let's not forget, they do this every time. Every big game they realese, from Assassin's Creed to Splinter Cell, nets itself a fancy box full of digital and real world extras. often at only a 15% mark-up over the recommended retail price. So sure, they're making an unashamed grab for more money. But they're also giving you something worth paying for in the process.

At least, that's my take on it. And that's why I keep buying them.

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Sort of like box goodies in the old days, but you have to pay way way more.