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Bound by Tourguides

By Bobfish15-02-2014

With an announcement of an official release date moving ever closer (we hope) Spiders are back to tease us with more deliciousness for Bound by Flame. Taking the form of an introduction to the world of Vertiel. The narration is a bit...yeah, but he is most certainly talking the talk. The comments regarding the seemingly very fluid 'morality' system between retaining your Humanity and giving in to the flame spirit contained within (Johnny Blaze) your body sounds especially interesting.

It puts me in mind, quite a lot actually, of what BioWare tried to do with Knights of the Old Republic, but with much more severe penalties. If they stick to their guns and there really is 'no turning back' when calling on your pyromantic skills, there's a massive potential for some genuine choice for once. I just...just release the game already!

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