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Bound by Release Trailer

By Spellbound06-05-2014

If you are even slightly interested in RPGs, you must have heard of Bound by Flame. Developed by Spiders, the fantasy adventure puts you in the shoes of a man with a fire demon inside his body, which explains the game’s title. Through your journey, you will either chose to master the demonic powers within you, or reject them altogether. If you decide to accept the demon’s strength, your appearance will change to reflect this, but you’ll get some fancy fire spells to use then.

Unlike in Spider’s previous Mars: War Logs title, your character will be customisable. You will be able to select between male or female, and change facial features, which in turn will influence your demonic visage should you decide to get one.

As is often the case with RPGs, you will have companions to help your on quest to stop an army of undead warriors, the ‘Deadarmy’, led by the seven Lords of Ice. Depending on your choices in the game, you will either become friends or rivals with them, and some will even be, as the term goes, ‘romanceable’. More on the story here.

Bound by Flame releases on May 9th, on Friday.

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