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Bound by Music!

By Toast28-04-2014

Everyone loves a bit of music, right? You can’t go wrong when you bind some music into Bound by Flame… or can you? I don’t think you can when you have Olivier Derivière as your composer for the project. He’s noted as being an award winning composer for his work in other games, such as Assassins Creed 4 and Remember Me. That’s probably peaked some more interest, but while I have your attention, let me introduce you to the woman who is also singing in some of the composed music, Iré Zhekova. 

Together, both Olivier Derivière and Iré Zhekova are creating some wonderful and instrumental music that at times is emotional and then at other times is more upbeat with the heat of battle and danger, which is what you’d expect judging from prior knowledge. If you happen to want to listen to some samples of the composed music, check out Olivier’s soundcloud page for more. If you’ve been convinced you’d like the experience the game on the 9th of May, go buy it on Steam.

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Dude. I need this game