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Bound by Flaming Swords

By Kathy_McGraw28-03-2014

As the release date for Bound By Flame, Spiders Studios latest action RPG offering draws closer, we get an up-close glimpse at what the combat will be like in-game. Spiders say this footage comes directly from the game itself and includes no cinematics or other post-production enhancements. The short video shows the player character fighting various creatures with a two-handed sword and dual-wielded daggers.

In Bound by Flame, you assume the role of Vulcan, (derivative much?) a mercenary, who at the game's beginning, experiments with harnessing the power of a fire demon by summoning it. Of course, the demon possesses him instead, and our hero must now grapple with what Spiders call the "human-demon duality." In other words, you get the powers of fire demon, but only by sacrificing a bit of your humanity along the way.

While it's obvious that Bound by Flame doesn't break any new ground, the combat looks pretty sweet. I especially love the whirling dervish attacks. This game is going on my want list.

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