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Bound by Flameplay

By Bobfish12-09-2013

As the nigh mythical 'early 2014' creeps ever closer, Spiders have come sauntering out of the dark corners of our bedrooms, their creepy, creepy multi-faceted eyes watching us with soulless, detached, curiosity. Wait, what? Spiders is a development studio? And they're showing us Bound by Flame gameplay?


Well I feel silly.

Actually, what we have here is an (apparently) pre-rendered though almost certainly in engine demonstration of how combat will work in game. At least, that's what it's supposed to be. I spent more time marvelling at how much Flame has imrpoved over Spiders previous offering, Mars: War Logs. The use of light and shadow, in particular, was especially outstanding. As was the far more prominent use of colour, though I've already commented on that whilst oggling screenshots.

When I was, finally, able to jam my jaw back into place and bolt it closed, the combat itself struck me as...actually just as interesting. It seems that there may possibly be two AI companions available at a time now. Given that we see three burly, disgruntled totally not Vikings hacking their way through a hoard of, uhm, fire breathing goblins I think. But what really leaped out at me was the combat style. A most curious mixture of Slavic, Scots-Celtic and Norse swordplay.

I didn't think it was possible, but I'm now even more stoked for this game. As should you be dagnabit!


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Posts: 3290

Yep, I said that too :D

I expect we'll see this be a repeating trend with Focus as a whole. Release a decent, but clearly low budget, game that has moderate success. Follow up with a better, but still clearly limited by funds game. Follow that up with something to the standards of a 'AAA' but clearly without all the wasted mcapital.

Then on to VICTORY!

Posts: 228

Wow, looks like the guys are getting more proficient and more affluent!

Posts: 3290

Yep, that's what I've been saying from the beginning :D

Posts: 1548

Cool. Mars was extremely flawed but also great. This seems to be even better.