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Bound by Extensions

By Bobfish05-04-2014

We're back with more stabby stabby fighty burny killy death from Bound by Flame. Once again, it's PlayStation 4 footage, which looks pretty tasty to be fair, but is not necessarily representative of the final product as we will know it. It's also rather similar to the earlier video, though twice as long and showing more variety. Including a pretty nifty looking stealth section (he doesn't move like a paraplegic snail!) and a whopping great bleedin' axe!

True fact. Vikings love axes.  It's true.

Not gonna' lie, I'm horrendously biased when it comes to Focus, and this is no exception. I can see some minor niggles, like the way characters slide around when they move, and the environments are a touch on the flat side. Pretty to look at, but a bit painted on. I'm also not blind enough to blame this all on it being console footage. But my point is, despite all this, it still looks frickin' awesome!

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