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Bound by Combat Trailer

By Spellbound12-04-2014

Bound by Flames comes out with a sparkly new combat trailer that showcases the three different approaches to bad guy obliteration the game has. They are divided into three distinct trees: Fighter, Ranger and Pyromancer, a themed version of the ‘warrior-rogue-mage’ trifecta, if you will.

The fighter will use heavy weapons do dish out damage and break enemy defence. The ranger will have a stealthier approach to combat by using sneak attacks, swift-striking skills and ranged weapons. The pyromancer...well he’ll just burn everything down; we’re talking fireballs, weapons-on-fire, and flame spirits.

I find it interesting how the combat is said to be dynamic, a point underlined by the fact that there seems to be an emphasis on switching from one specialisation to the next to deal with different enemies. This sounds like it makes the game more interesting, and makes for a less clumsy first playthrough, as far as spending skill points are concerned. That one ability you learned early on (but never use) might come in handy after all.

Companions are a thing too. They come in a variety of roles, so whichever combat specialisation you go for, you will have a counterpart to balance you out. From what we’ve seen in the video, it can only make the combat more compelling. It would be great if you could assign certain targeting parameters for the AIs so that, for example, your sorceress companion would deal with the flimsier ranged mobs while you tanked and whittled down the stouter enemies.

All in all, Spiders seems to be on the right track with Bound by Flame. The story itself is rather compelling, so to have a fun combat system is bound to attract more people. Have some demonstrative combat videos here and here.

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