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Border's Sir Hammerlock - Hunter, Scholar, Gentleman

By RubyStreams31-08-2012

Borderlands gave us some of the craziest characters we have ever had the misfortune of meeting - and Borderlands 2 isn't about to be outdone.

Meet Sir Hammerlock. One of the many new bodies (albeit half machine) you will encounter on your next visit to Pandora. He's also your tour guide for the next 7 minutes of your life, in this wonderful Borderlands 2 Introduction video.

The video is presented in typical Borderlands fashion - eccentric, funny, disturbing and often genius.

Please. Take a moment and take in the (BRAND SPANKING NEW) sights and sounds of Pandora, with your guide...Sir Hammerlock.

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Posts: 237

In the same situation as Blue... :D
Damn, this game looks really cool!

Posts: 241

Now I really really really really want this game.

Posts: 1548

@BlueJohn - I feel you :/

Posts: 40

i really wish i could buy a game this haha. im so broke and need to save :(