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Borderlands Claptrap Season 2

By Bis18marck7002-11-2012

Fans of the Borderland series; it is once again your time to rejoice. No, it’s not free content. I know, I know – that kind of killed the buzz but hear me through. Remember the logs of Gaige, the little freaky mechanical genius that was one to fall in love with? Good. Now, do you remember Claptrap? Yes, you do. How could you forget the adorable robotic guide with a quirky sense of humour usually given involuntarily?

Well, Gearbox Software had honoured this hopelessly useless piece of metal with a ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ Web Series, that can be found here. And now to the good part: there is a season two and its coming out next week. Oh yes, he is back. Besides being hilariously funny at times, there just isn’t anything better than seeing this robot rage at people. So sit back and enjoy some comedy gold.

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