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Borderlands 2 Times 4

By RubyStreams30-08-2012

Borderlands 2 is due out in a few weeks, but Gearbox have already announced some DLC news regarding the crazy as funk First Person Looter-Shooter, namely 4 expansion packs, similar to those released for its predecessor.

Those who are willing to throw down, an estimated, £20 (or $30) for a Borderlands 2 season pass, will be treated to some discounted DLC.

Each of the 4 expansions will be priced around £6-£7, essentially making the Season Pass, a '4 for 3' offer (pretty much!). No release dates have been given for each piece of DLC and the only information regarding the actual content is that the expansions will add hours of gameplay, new characters, new environments and new missions for you and your buddies to loot and shoot your way through.

Borderlands 2 releases in North America on September 18th and Europe on September 21st.

Be sure to check out our review soon after Borderlands 2 hits next month!

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Posts: 223

I think it's actually a great idea. Having one massive chunk of DLC (spread over time of course) for a discounted price. Im assuming these expansions will be pretty huge and worth the cost completely

Posts: 1548

The season pass thing is starting to annoy me. Especially if its the same case as with BF3 premium. Preorderers will get the 1st DLC for free and then buy a pass to get 4 DLC for the price of 3 when they have the first one already?

Posts: 67

If I'm willing to throw down 50 dollars, will I be able to get the game? A person can't be too sure with these emerging business practices...